Digital CRM

London Fashion Week took an even greater turn for the digital this week, when Burberry streamed their event live to their stores and people’s computers, laptops and phones. Everyone, everywhere could access next Spring/Summer’s fashions immediately. This is only the latest innovation for a digital Burberry, who have a new store on Regent Street in London. Here, as 22 foot high screen beams out images of this new collection. 

The CRM gets more sophisticated, however. Clothes are tagged with interactive screens and radio frequency identification tags, which allow customers to flash the clothes in front of interactive screens to accessorise them with handbags, shoes etc. They can also do this on-line. The cross-selling opportunities are enormous.

Now Burberry intend to launch Customer 360, where stores will be able to keep a record of customers’ buying history and preferences using handheld tablets. So when customers enter the store, they are whisked off to the departments they are most likely to buy from.

Is this too much? Probably not? Customers are used to working digitally everyday across their phones, iPads and PCs. Retail needs to keep up with the trend and use it to their best advantage. Let’s see if it work for Burberry!


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