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Apple’s retail secrets revealed

Apple -retail mastersApple has become one of the world leading brands and one of most profitable in the world. So profitable in fact, that people started to write about how its cash holdings of $76 billion made them richer than the United States government.

Apple’s passion for design and ergonomics is obvious for all to see. Using an iPad or an iPhone is a genuinely enjoyable experience, which in itself develops a strong brand identify and customer loyalty.

However, Apple has also build up its reputation as one of the best retailers in the business. An extensive report by The Wall Street Journal taps into confidential training manuals, a recording of an internal store meeting, and more than 12 interviews with current and former employees to reveal the nuts and bolts of Apple’s retail secrets.

What this treasure trove of information revealed, is a retail philosophy which goes to great lengths to ensure listening to customers comes first and sales are much more of an afterthought. This reflects the quality and faith Apple has in their products. Essentially the iPad and iPhone will sell themselves.

The training manuals and employee interviews conducted by the Wall Street Journal reveal a policy of problem solving, rather than simply selling. The confidential training manual reads: “Listen and limit your responses to simple reassurances that you are doing so. ’Uh-huh,’ ‘I understand,’ etc.” One employee recalls being told that he should never correct a customer’s mispronunciation of a product, for fear of patronising them. The Geniuses working the Genius Bar are taught to say “as it turns out”, instead of the more gloomy “unfortunately” when delivering bad news.

Apple has carefully developed its sales force and chain of iconic Apple Stores around the world as part of a strategy to attract huge volumes of foot traffic. To understand their success a little better the Wall Street Journal offered this stark comparison – More people now visit Apple’s 326 stores in a single quarter than the 60 million who visited Walt Disney Co.’s four biggest theme parks last year.

There is much which can be taken from the Apple model and used as a platform for UK and other international retailers. In a difficult retail market, where spending for pleasure has been to a large extent replaced by spending purely as necessity, the retailers who offer the best service will win out. John Lewis is a great example in the UK. Known for quality product and service, the customer will make them the first point of call. Deborah Stone of The Stone Consultancy, a leading retail consultancy, says: ‘Once you are top of mind, you are already half way to creating customer spend, but it is the quality of service which will clinch the sale.’

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